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Indonesian Sambal Ijo Chilli Sauce Twin Pack. 2 x 30g Sachet
Indonesian Sambal Ijo Chilli Sauce Twin Pack. 2 x 30g Sachet
Indonesian Sambal Ijo Chilli Sauce Twin Pack. 2 x 30g Sachet
Quantity: 15
£1.50 inc. tax
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single: £1.50
2 up to 3: £1.25 per pack
4 up to 5: £1.00 per pack
Our Indonesian Sambal Ijo Sachets will open you taste buds to a whole new style of chilli sauces.

Sambal Ijo Chilli Sauce is a Green Chilli Sauce, but don’t underestimate its heat. perfect for dipping or adding to your cooking. 

At last count there were over 300 different Sambal Sauces over 18,000 islands. 

Sambal Ijo 2pk x 30g 

Sambal Ijo is 🌶 🌶 🌶 on the Funked Up Heat Scale. 

Available in 6 Liquid Varieties and in 3 Powder Varieties. 
Save money and try our Variety Packs

Product Code: SMIJOS102
Brand: Indonesian
Product Condition: New
weight: 60g
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